Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What a day

Today was one of those days where it seemed to be thing after the other. We had lots of potty addidents. Luke has actually been doing awesome with the potty training and has had #1 totally down (#2 is still a working process). All in all, it's gone much better than I expected, until today!

So like I said, today it was accident after accident. I think it was probably brought on by the stress of him knowing he had a doctor's appointment to go to. He's been scared of the doctor ever since he had a strep throat test done a couple months ago. Also, he sucks on his lip like it is a binkie and it has caused his lip to get a swollen bump on one side. The bump got stuck between his teeth while sucking it a week or so ago, so to try and stop the habit we told him that if his lip keeps getting stuck we'd have to take him to the doctor to look at it. Bad idea. Poor guy has been talking non-stop about what the doctor will say about his "really big lip".

So with a lot of coaxing, I was able to get Luke out the door to the doctor. I have to mention that the appointment was at noon. The kids had a snack around 11am so I decided we would eat lunch when we got back. I went prepared with books, snacks, and a couple toys knowing our doctor usually runs about 15 minutes behind schedule.

But they were more behind schedule than usual. The kids did really well the first half hour, but then it was like a switch flipped. This doctor's office doesn't have toys or activity tables or anything, which originally I thought was a good idea since they seem like such a germ trap, but today I was wishing for anything to entertain the kids. They got restless and I'll admit, I was having a hard time keeping them under control! They were running all over the waiting area. When I would go to grab one the other would run off to cause some sort of catastrople like dumping over the wastebasket, throwing dirt from the plant pots all over the floor, or pushing the handicapped button on the door so the other could escape (they have become little partners in crime). Even the fishy cracker distraction didn't work. I had to stop giving the crackers to them when I realized they were just dropping them and smashing them with their feet.

I finally got Luke under control but each time I would put Halle down she would go straight for the dirt in the plant pot again, so I resorted to holding her over my lap on her stomach with her kicking, arching, and crying to get out. There was nothing else I could do but hope her noisiness would help us get back to a room sooner.

The worst part about it was I was the only one with kids in the waiting area. The only other people in there were two men (not together) and the ladies at the reception desk so I felt like a complete circus with all eyes on me as I chased my kids around trying to prevent them from totally destroying the office. One of the men gave no sign of sympathy, the other gave occasional smiles of encouragement, and the ladies at the desk seemed half amused, half annoyed.

Finally, after 45 minutes I asked how much longer it would be. They said not long. After 15 more minutes of mayheim we were finally called back - about an hour total wait time. A little ridiculous, wouldn't you say? I learned that two young kids in a waiting room for that long is a disaster (at least for me).

On a good note, Luke's appointment went great. He was brave and was even pretty talkative to the doctor, which is a good thing because he can be really shy. One funny little thing that happened... when the doctor first sat down in the room he said everything was looking great with Luke and quickly went onto ask if I had any concerns or questions. Before I even had a chance to reply, Luke said, "I suck on my lip". It was really cute and seemed so grown up, like he had been planning on discussing this all along. The doctor did a good job at telling him that he's not the only kid that does that and maybe he can work on trying to stop (I think we'll get potty training down first, THEN try to tackle that one).

We left around 1:3o. The kids were hungry and tired. I was pretty bugged about the wait and swore I was going to call around for different doctor referrals (even though I really like the doctor). But now that I have had some time to cool down I figure there was probably some good reason for the delay.

The moment we walked into the door at home, another potty addicent (I think this one was because he had been holding it so long while we had been gone and once we got home he just couldn't quite make it to the bathroom). Today just wasn't our day for potty training progress, or points for being well-behaved at the doctor's office.

Oh well. After all, tomorrow is another day.

So, tonight after putting the kids to bed early I got Cory to watch this week's "The Bachelor" episode with me (on my dvr) while I also ate some delicious chocolate covered popcorn I had stashed away (two guilty pleasures in one). I must admit, I felt much better afterwards.

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  1. Love The Bachelor! Sorry you had such a hard time at the doctor- you really should find one that doesn't have a wait time. I would have been in the same situation! Glad it's over for you!