Sunday, December 19, 2010

A video from Santa AND a false alarm Santa visit

Luke is very excited about the video he got from Santa here. He has watched it over and over. If you have kids this is a really fun, easy, and free personalized video from Santa. And if their reaction is anything like Luke's was they will love it. He gets the biggest smile on his face each time he watches it. You can go to that link to customize your own.

We showed Luke the special video Friday night and like I said, he watched it at least a dozen times. Later that night after the kids were in bed Cory and I wrapped presents while watching Home Alone and Miracle on 34th Street. I love Christmas movies.

We stayed up way too late wrapping. Like 2am late. Actually to clarify, I was up till 2:00, Cory zonked out around 1:00ish on the couch. Problem was we didn't even start til around 10pm. Next year I will remember that wrapping always takes much longer than expected and to start earlier!

Anyway, I put all the presents for extended family and white elephants for the various parties we will be attending under the tree when I was finished. I thought we might as well try it out and see if they could make it past an attack from Halle.

Luke woke up in the morning calling into us, "Mommy, Daddy, Santa came!!" He was so excited. Poor guy was a little disappointed when we had to explain the presents under the tree weren't from Santa and that he still has another week before Santa comes.

As for the presents, they are now in a box in our garage. Halle thought stomping all over them and ripping the bows off was just too fun. Finally after she tore into one this morning I came to my senses and moved them out from under the Christmas tree. What made me think we could get away with leaving presents under the tree not to be destroyed by our very active and curious one-year-old? Not a chance!


  1. so cute! I can't wait until my son is excited for Christmas too! Maybe next year...


  2. I love the video, very cute. Halle smashing the presents puts a funny picture in my head.

  3. That video is great! I am going to send it to my daughter to do for her kids.