Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I Might Be Loosing My Mind a Little

We've been sick with a cold the last couple days, but I had a couple errands I'd been putting off and had to get them done. So our first stop was Lowe's. While there we had to check out their Christmas section...so many fun decorations. The kids just love looking at all of it. We came to the singing stuffed animals and saw a little Rudolph that sings "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer". Luke loved it. A few days ago Cory told him the story about Rudolph and Luke has been talking about it ever since, so it didn't surprise me he was so enthralled with this Rudolph. I don't usually buy stuff on a whim like this, maybe it's the excitement of Christmas getting to me, but we bought the Rudolf. Luke was so excited.

We got in the car and headed to our next stop - Costco. Luke played the Rudolph the whole way and by the time we had gotten there he had a good chunk of the song memorized. Since it was entertaining him so well I had the brilliant idea of letting him bring Rudolph into Costco with us. That way he could play the song while sitting in the cart and it would entertain him while I did my shopping making my life much easier!

The plan worked really well till the very end. I was headed to checkout when I saw some cute little girl coats. Halle really needed a winter coat so I decided I would quickly stop and try some on her. When I finally found a couple in her size I had to unbuckle her from the cart and get her out to try them on which didn't go over well with Luke since I had been telling him the whole time that he couldn't get out of the cart, and now Halle was. Halle was getting restless and was protesting trying the second coat on and started arching her back and swinging her arms around and crying. At the same time, Luke was telling me he wanted to get out of the cart and stood up and in the process dropped Rudolph out of the cart.

I saw Rudolph drop out. I was getting a little stressed between Halle's little tantrum and Luke whining/verging on a tantrum himself, so in my calmest voice possible I said, "Luke, you need to be careful not to let Rudolph drop out of the cart or we could loose him. Now mommy is going to have to pick him up. Next time he falls we might not be able to pick him up. Now please sit." What I said seemed to get through to him and he sat back down. I gave up trying to get the coat on Halle and just threw it in my cart and headed to the checkout.

We got to the car and I loaded everything in. I had Halle buckled in and was buckling Luke when I suddenly realized he wasn't holding Rudolph.

"Luke, where's Rudolph?" I asked him.

"Don't know!" Was he response.

It took me about two second to connect the dots. Crap. I realized I had never picked up Rudolph after he had fallen! What was wrong with me? I remembered seeing Rudolph fall, looking at him on the ground, and saying, "Now mommy is going to pick up Rudolph." How in the heck did I go from saying that to going on with my shopping leaving Rudolph in the dust without even realizing it? I am still trying to figure it out in my head. Knowing me I was probably staring at Rudolph on the ground as I walked away!

I was so bugged with myself. Halle was fussy and crying and ready for her nap. The last thing I wanted was to go back into Costco and search for Rudolph. But I had to. Luke was all worried about it and I was having a hard time swallowing that I had just bought Rudolph not an hour before and he was already gone. He was only ten bucks, but ten bucks is ten bucks! So I got the kids back out of their car seats and into the cart and headed in. We retraced our steps back to the coats - nothing. So I went to the lost and found at the membership desk - nothing. I couldn't believe it. He had to be somewhere! I went back to the coats again and searched even closer. I looked down all the aisles around the coats and retraced my steps to the checkout just in case. But nothing. It occurred to me that some mom could have picked him up and thought he looked so nice and new that she let her kid/s keep him. The nerve! So I started walking around the aisles close to the coats scanning carts that had kids in them. I was SOOO hoping I would see Rudolph in someone's cart and was just imagining how I would stop them and say, "Excuse me, that's our Rudolph!" But no such luck. I went back to the Lost and Found one more time and got their number so I could call them later just in case it got turned in.

We went back to the car deflated. I called my mom to tell her our sob story. As soon as I got on the phone with my mom Luke wanted to tell Grandma about what had happened to Rudolph. So I put him on the phone and he went on and on about it for five minutes telling her "Rudolph fell down, down, down out of our cark (cart)....Rudolph lost at Costco...we look for him...can't find him Grandma Lori!" And, from out of nowhere he added, "And Cory's freaking out!" I just busted up laughing. I'm sure that came from me telling my mom at the first of the conversation that if I went back and bought a second Rudolph Cory would really give me a hard time when he found out.

When he was finally done telling her his story I took the phone back and the first thing my mom said was, "you have to go buy that boy a new Rudolph! I will pay for it!"

So we ended up back at Lowe's. Halle was asleep by now, so with her zonked on my shoulder Luke and I walked back to the aisle with the singing Holiday stuffed animals and sure enough there was one Rudolph left. Luke was so excited. He said, "There's my Rudolph!"

I decided to play along. "Yep, can you believe it, Rudolph fell out of our cart and he walked all the way back to Lowe's!" Luke thought it was so neat and funny that Ruldolph walked all the way back to Lowe's from Costco. He has been calling his Grandmas and Grandpas all night telling them our Rudolph story.

As for me...I still can't figure out how I spaced picking up Rudolph. It's not like it was something I needed to do later and forgot, it was something I needed to do THEN and it was right in front of me and I...forgot?! I'd love to blame it on the cold I've had, maybe it's fogging up my brain? But to be honest, I feel like I've been doing stuff like this a lot lately. Sometimes I think I really am loosing my mind just a little!!


  1. so glad you found me! Are you guys still in slc?

  2. This story is great. I'm glad you went back and bought Luke a new one. Poor kid, he deserved it.