Monday, September 20, 2010

One of THOSE Days... PART I

A couple weeks ago I had one of those of those days where you just want to pull your hair out before one more thing can go wrong. I'm sure lack of sleep played a part in it, but it was largly due to a certain two year old who was feeling extra mischievious that day!

Lets start from the beginning - 12:00am. I went to bed, falling asleep about at about 12:30am. I should go to bed earlier but the time after my kids go to bed to about midnight is so appealing...I can get things done AND have some peaceful, quiet time to myself. So, I continually stay up too late (and usually kick myself for it in the morning!)

Moving on, at 2:00am I woke up to Halle (my one-year-old) screaming. After two hours of trying to console her involving pacing the halls, a few trips outside on the porch, countless books, and finally resorting to Yo Gabba Gabba on demand (one of the weirdest kid shows out there), I finally got her to settle down. And I just have to say Yo Gabba Gabba is even weirder at three in the morning! Finally, at 4:00am she zonked. The poor girl was having tummy pains that we have now pinpointed to milk allergies (a story for another time).

Relieved to have her settled, I climbed back into bed. But right as I was at that point between being awake and asleep I heard more hysterical screaming, this time coming from Luke's room (my two year old). I went into his room to see what was wrong, and he explained he had a bad dream about a bee. Yes, bees are very scary to him lately thanks to Winnie the Pooh getting chased into a tree by a swarm of bees. Who knew the cute old Winnie the Pooh movie could be scary?

Once I had him settled down he wouldn't fall asleep. So I left, he followed me into my room, we went back to his room, then back to my room, etc. etc. Fast forward to 6:00am - he was finally in bed asleep. Whew! I thought for sure he'd sleep in later than usual and I would get a couple hours of rest.

Wrong! At 6:45am Luke was next to my bed for my morning wake up call, his face two inches away from mine, morning breath and all, saying "Man Cub is up mommy, Man Cub wants choco milk!" (he calls himself Man Cub lately thanks to The Jungle Book - we don't watch many movies at all as you can tell ;) ). For some reason he feels the need to let me know he is "Man Cub" every morning as he wakes me up, two inches away from my face.

So I dragged myself out of bed and into the kitchen to make his "choco milk" (actually Ovaltine...probably no different than the other stuff but it claims to have vitamins so it makes me feel better about it!) And this is where the real fun begins!

He insisted on "helping" me get the container of Ovaltine out from the cupboard. I was in no mood to argue, so I lifted him on top of the counter and let him open the cupboard. He got the Ovaltine out and somehow in .2 seconds opened the lid and half dumped, half flung it all over the kitchen. Ovaltine powder/dust was everywhere! All over the counters, the ground, and that fine dust was even floating around in the air. It was a full, brand new jar so there was plenty to go around. "Sorry mommy!" He said with that raised eyebrow look like "that was so cool"!

I cleaned up and salvaged enough off the counter to make his cup of Ovaltine. After calling him to come and get his "choco milk", I realized he was in the family room standing next to the couch, back to me with his head tilted down looking at whatever he was doing, holding just a little too still for comfort if you know what I mean. I started walking towards him and his head whipped around, and realizing I was coming, he darted away leaving behind a tub of Vaseline sitting on the couch. As I got closer I realized there was very little left in the jar because he had SMEARED the contents all over the couch! Seriously?!

Misdemeanor #3 - After the Vaseline mess was cleaned up (luckily the couches are leather - not the kind that stuff easily wipes off though, but I got it quick enough that it didn't seep in) I walked back to my bedroom. I thought Luke was in his room playing with his toys, but as I entered the room I could hear him making noise in our bathroom. What now? I walked into the bathroom to find him in the shower holding the bottle of my conditioner upside-down, squirting it all over the shower. Now this, I must say, was innocent because as I he saw me walk in he looked up and proudly said, "I help clean up mommy!" obviously thinking the conditioner was some sort of cleaning product. I wouldn't have cared so much if it had been my normal $4 Treseme purchase from Walmart, but I had actually splurged and bought a nice, expensive brand through my friend who's a beautician from a salon product store and I LOVE the stuff. But how could I get angry with him? He was so excited to show me that he was helping me clean up!

At this point I just wanted to get out of the house. We needed groceries, so I hurried and got the kids and I ready and out the door. At the grocery store the kids were completely restless. Luke was sitting in (actually sprawled all over) the cart and Halle in the seat. Luke wouldn't hold still and ended up smashing our carton of strawberries, swashing most of them. Then, somehow without me seeing he got a hold of his "yummy" toothpaste. He did the tricky turn-his-back-thing to me again, got the toothpaste out of the carton and the lid off and began gulping it down. It was halfway gone before I realized what he was doing. So, I resorted to opening a box of fishy crackers to try to distract them. Why I thought this would work at a time like this I'm not sure. It distracted them for about ten seconds before Luke started throwing them and even Halle started throwing them back at me!

I was exhausted and my patience was wearing VERY thin and we all knew it! Luke was emotional and sad, poor guy was exhausted from lack of sleep and all the drama from the day. Needless to say, on the way home we made a special stop at "McDondalds" for our favorite drinks - a special "juicety drink" for Luke (the new fruit smoothy made with REAL we believe them?) and a little, oh I mean large, $1 special me.

All this, and it was only 12:30pm!

I am going to leave the remainder of the story for my next post. This one is getting too long as it is, but there is one more tidbit of the day I want to share.

Yes, he was a little stinker that day. Good thing he's a cute little stinker. It's been a couple weeks so I can laugh back on it now...but in the moment, not always so easy! But really, this is a day to remember, don't you think? I'm glad I am writing it down so someday when the kids are all grown I can look back and read it. I'm sure I'll smile!

Stay tuned for Part II!

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